Supply Chain Services

PAC offers wide-ranging and deep experience in global Supply Chain challenges.


Knowledgeable, proactive staff on six continents provide clients with the ability to affordably and flexibly meet aggressive targets for localization, cost reductions, process, quality and throughput improvements, as well as facilities and equipment readiness across the globe. 


Our Engineers are multilingual, and have a geographical advantage to mobilize on urgent concerns swiftly to keep your international supply chain functioning efficiently.  PAC’s Project Management DNA makes our Engineers driven to ensure robust supply chain processes resulting in stability, predictability and excellence in quality, timing, cost and delivery.


PAC’s services range from targeted, rapid response problem-solving, to a full ‘concept to launch’ set of support services.


Our teams work to exceed tough international Best Practice standards, and have the hands-on experience of successfully implementing sustainable strategies on the Shop Floor or out on the Project Site.


PAC's Services Include:

Training & Workshops:


In support of the consulting work we do in Supply Chain Development, PAC addresses the issue of on-going sustainability by incorporating training and workshops into our engagements.  PAC has worked with hundreds of companies worldwide to implement new concepts.  Our focus has always been to ensure that there will be continuity in use of the new practices at our customer's sites long after PAC's work scope has been completed.  Therefore, our training is based on teaching the new topic, using examples to demonstrate the benefit and value of the topic, (where applicable) to use a pilot scenario for true hands-on learning, reflection on the learning (what went well, what were the pitfalls, etc.), and finally, continuous improvement (measuring performance, analyzing issues, implementing corrective actions and measuring again).

PAC offers the following topics as part of our training catalog:

  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Understanding Lean Tools
  • Effective Project Management
  • Middle Management Leadership in Business Performance
  • Quality Systems
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Supplier Quality Training
  • Flawless Launch
  • Team Performance
  • Client-specific methodologies such as Quality Systems Basics (QSB) or Shop Floor Excellence (SFE)
  • Global Sourcing
  • Materials Management Organization
  • ISO / TS Readiness
  • Buyer Training and Negotiations Skills
  • Putting Profitability Back into your Business
  • Effective Strategies to Achieve Sustainable Improvements for Small- & Medium-Sized Enterprises 


Managing projects

"Motor Trend Magazine named (our vehicle) as a contender for 2013 Car of the Year. The PAC Group has been a major contributor to the work being done...and is therefore a significant contributor to (our) success in achieving this recognition."

"...impressed with PAC's findings of 120 potential emerging market suppliers..."

"PAC improved our first-time-through results from 70% to 90% in just 3 weeks' time..."

"Thanks to PAC for all the efforts to improve our company, which reflect on our cost, profit and management.  We have better control, and a vision for our globalization."

"Thank you for all the effort and dedication.  It was of great value in introducing new techniques and standards to our (emerging market) suppliers and our automotive development strategy."

"PAC's approach allowed our company to make cost-effective and efficient modifications to our business without significant capital investments or prolonged implementation and training."

"We enjoyed the implementation process, which motivated our team and satisfied our customer."

"PAC became intrinsically involved on all levels with an effective mix of training, workshops, coaching and mentoring."

Achieving results

  • A cluster of 20 emerging market companies met rigorous client KPI's within 10 months.
  • An emerging market textile company was described as  world-class.
  • A specialist retailer finished full concept-to-launch process in just 16 weeks.

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